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Bobco, I run the Xi5 on my boat. I absolutely love it and all the features of it! The anchor lock is immediate and very accurate, not a lot of "hunting" around when its anchored on gps.. the trolling paths are extremely accurate, the cruise control feature excels, even at Creek with the waves from the other boats and all that. It also "remembers " anchor positions as well, and when you push a button to go to a previous anchor position, it will automatically take you there via the shortest route. Whats really cool to me, is I can make a trolling pass within a cast length from shore during the day, record the track, and at dusk put the motor on cruise control at about .3-.4 mph, hit the re trace track button, and I am hands free for casting the shoreline for nighttime eyes! It's a quieter motor than my MinnKota was, and the controls that operate it are quieter as well! If you like having a pedal instead, the pedal is battery operated and wireless as well, and you can access the anchor lock and cruise functions from it as well. It seems much more energy efficient in my boat, using less battery power even hauling my fat butt around. I have the 24 volt, 80 lb thrust I believe it is and my boat is a 16' Sylvan walk through. The only downside I have come across thus far is the battery life of the included batteries for the remote and the pedal suck! LOL
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