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New to bass fishing in FOCO/Wellington area.

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I am new to Ft. Collins. I moved out here from Minnesota, about 30 minutes from lake Minnetonka actually. I have talked to a few people about catching bass in this area, and I've been told to go to Prospect ponds and Riverbend ponds. I have visited both and had marginal success. So I just bought a one-person pontoon boat and I want to take it out this weekend. Where should I take it to make sure I catch some largemouth bass (don't need to be big ones)? And what are they hitting on right now? Any info would be helpful. Thanks!
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Down the interstate a bit in Longmont there is St Vrain state park. Its got a managed lake for bass that is C&R only and artificial flys and lures only. You do have to pay for the day pass, but its like 7 bucks, so not sure if thats a big deal. Not sure what they are hitting on exactly but the lake is full of them.
There are bass in almost all the lakes in your area. Catching them is the hard part.
Small ponds carry donkeys here in fort c
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