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Welcome to the forum, now a few tips for trout fishing. Think lighter tackle than for bass, a medium light spinning rod with a reel set up for 6lb mono line is a good starting rig for trout. You can buy a second rod stamp with your fishing license and use two rods. If your are fishing in a lake you can bottom fish with bait on one pole and cast lures with the other. If you are bait fishing there are many baits you can use, I'll just list a few of the basics: salmon eggs, night crawlers and power bait(many colors available) Gulp eggs and creatures.
There are many lures to use but think smaller sizes in spoons (Daredevils, Thomas and Cast Masters are good) from 1/8 to 1/4 oz and silver and gold colors for a start. Spinners in smaller size also can work, Mepps and Rooster Tails etc. Small minnow baits like Rapala and H-D Trout can be effective at times.
I would spend some time going to the local waters and talk to the people fishing and see what information they would be willing to give out to a trout rookie. Most anglers will share at least some information with you if you are polite and friendly. I would stick to still water until you get to know the habits of trout a little better, and don't let fly fisherman bother you, you can fish however you want as long as it's legal.
The other tip is to read the regulations and check the water you are going to fish for special regulations, there are many restrictions in the state.
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