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New to Pueblo, looking to fish

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Howdy All!

Just moved to Pueblo in the past two weeks, retired (medically) from the Army... permanently and totally disabled. Which means, I have too much free time on my hands to fish!

Anywho, it's supposed to get to almost 60* this weekend, and my youngest (6) and I are already getting the itch to go fishing. Anyone here planning on going out on Saturday and mind if we tag along? not looking for monsters (yet), just looking for good fishing (he's entertained as long as he has a few fish per hour, size not terribly important). Gearwise, have a ton of random stuff (been fishing my whole life everywhere I've lived from coast to coast, and Canada to Texas... we've also got kayaks and (when it gets warmer), would love to start kayak fishing.

Will fish for just about anything!!!
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If you are on Facebook go to Pueblo Walleye and Wiper fishing and I will make you a member. I guide down there and we will be posting fishing reports about every day March thru October.
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