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New to site!--Fishing NOW

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I am brand new to this site...we only have sundays to go fishing and I am trying to to decide where to go this sunday. Skaguay or OHavre?? Any suggestions on which is better right now?
Went to Pueblo res. last week...nobody was catching. All we got were bait fish!
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Welcome to the site there was a post on here from someday that recently went to skauguy and did pretty well just look around for it.
What type of fishing are you going to be doing? I like fishing the spillway at Skauguy for brookies.
welcome to this great site

hope you catch some fish
I saw the Pike they snagged., great catch!....right now we will be fishing from shore, still working on the boat. A cou;le of weeks ago iI got a nice 15" Rainbow out at 11 Mile..Don't really like it there though. Too Many storms move in and out.
umm this weekend go to the arsenal, hehe, i like that place
if you go to O'haver make sure you let us know how you do i been wanting to get back up there with my float tube
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