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Hi There Everyone!

My name is Scottie and I just joined the forum. I'm originally from Wisconsin and have been fishing my entire life. I moved to Denver, well, actually it was exactly 5 years ago today, but I just started fishing here last fall. So far I've caught mostly trout out of Georgetown Lake. Yesterday I pulled a nice 17" largemouth out of Quincy Res that I released and last weekend I went up to Loch Lomond and caught a descent little brookie that was most delicious. :thumb:

I really enjoy fishing, and even more I love grilling what I catch. But I've noticed that a LOT of people CAR here in Colorado. Why is that?

Also, I want to get some waders so I can get a bit further out in the water. Any recommendations for styles or brand of waders? Thanks in advance and good luck out there!

Scottie J
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