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Hi all!

My name is George Miller and I live in Missoula, MT.
Born in Wisconsin and lived there until I was 13 when we moved to Utah.
I grew up fishing for pan fish and warm water fish, got the occasional trout.

Love fly fishing for Northern Pike!!

Love fishing and fly tying.

I am an IT Tech. by trade.

Been laid up the past 2 years with a total knee replacement last year and a rotator cuff surgery on my right arm - the casting arm - this year. So no fishing until spring - I can hardly wait!!!!

Looking forward to meeting you all!

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Welcome to the forum! I hope you recover quick, i have jigged ice fishing using my toes before so that is an option.

Hope you stick around the forum and get to know these fine gents in here that will show you a thing or five.

Oh and im in IT as well.
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