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Newest Fishing Buddy

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Today was the first time I took my little one ice fishing. It something I wasn't sure about, she is only 18 months old. I decided to give it a try because she could finally walk in her size 5 snow boots and after a few attempts and sledding outings with mom, she finally got comfortable wearing her snow suit, boots, and mittens.
It wasn't her first time fishing, she got to come with me several times this summer but she was less than 1 and stayed in the back pack. Towards the end of the summer, in early September after she turned 1, she could walk, so I took her to a little creek and we wacked some browns on stimmies. It was cool because she was actually watching what was going on. When a fish would pop, I would yell fishy! she would giggle and laugh. It was the first time she was able to be outside the pack and stand by me while I fished. I was stoked because she grabbed the rod and tried waving it back and forth. Since then I have been anxious to get out with her again. here is a couple pics of the outing.

So finally today was the first time I felt comfortable taking her out in the cold temps. I hit up a little spot close to town and easy access. Right away she took to the sled because the dog likes to ride in it and she got in there with him. Of course I had to take a pic!

At home she gets fussy when we fire up the vacuum cleaner and is really sensitive to load noises so the second challenge I feared was not freaking her out by the auger. I let her stay in the sled and told the dog to stay in hopes it would keep her comfortable and fired up the auger. She didn't get scared at all while I drilled a couple holes and I was happy to see she was very interested in what was going on.

It didn't take long and I had a hit. I felt disappointment because the stakes were high. I really wanted to land one to put on the show for my daughter. The action was slow and after about 45 minutes I began to get bummed that I could get skunked on my first time out with my daughter. she was starting to fuss a little and snacks weren't doing the trick. Next thing you know, I got wacked and hooked a fish. it was a nice fight pulled some drag and had to be patient to get its head up into the hole. During the fight, I was proud to see that once again she picked up on the excitement and started yelling wishy! wishy! which means fishy. Low and behold it was a nice fat native cut. To bad my phone camera lens once again got slimed up. It was a beautiful fish. My daughter just kept stomping her feet and yelling wishy wishy! I am bummed these pics didn't come out better, it was one of my best fishing moments.

So now here I sit and do this post while my daughter takes a hard nap. I'm really stoked about my new fishing buddy. it is now evident to me that my fishing outings may have changed for the better for many years to come. Its amazing how fast it all has happened.
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Nice report!! Glad you were able to get a fish on the ice to up the excitement. Sux about the pics.. but they still do a great job of capturing the memory.
That picture of her staring at the hole is priceless! Congrats man!
Very nice Fordo.

Commendable to get your kids out fishing.
Sweet Brotha!
You will be buying a snowmobile for her before you know it.
Awesome!!! Way cool post, thanks for sharing!
Dude, its posts like this that keep me here on CF... Great job all the way around... Its awesome to be a dad, and this is one huge reason why!!

Best report of the week!!!
Thats really cool!
I miss those days. Treasure them and get them turned into pictures, not just images.
Nice work! That fish is almost as big as she is! ;) Looks like you have a great fishing buddy for many many years to come.
Nice work Fordo!
Great post here.
You are a very lucky guy.
Won't be long and she'll be drilling holes for you and cranking up her own fish.
Nice cutthroat by the way, too!
Thanks for the comments everyone. Im hoping the big cut was a indicator of good mojo for a lot more fishing trips with her.
Well done Fordo - with kids is priceless; fishing with your own kids is priceless x 2! Welcome to the wonderful world of those who fish with kids - there is nothing like sharing the excitement with them.
That's awesome getting your daughter out fishing with u at such a young age, I started my son out at 5, now he is 15 and loves getting out on the boat with me
1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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