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As I look through my BassMaster and my NA Fisherman magazines, I always see ad's for this company in the back. They kind of look like articles but you know they are just ad's.

The way they pump up their different lures and baits seems kind of over the top but then again, you have to wonder, do they really work?

The prices are kind of high but then again, I am sure the fish in our area don't really see these things as much as other more popular lures.

I have been debating on whether to buy something from them to try it out but still kind of leary.

Any opinions?
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These lures seem to fall in the "ooooh shiny" department. kinda like the lures mentioned in an earlier post.

But then again, a daredevil looks nothing like anything I see in the water but they work.

Maybe if the price of them or gas comes down I might be able to try one.

that walking worm looks interesting also. if it works, i definitely could save enough money instead of buying nightcrawlers to justify that purchase.
Those lures are designed to catch fisherman first and fish second.Kasty's,twister tails,worms,sacs will catch all the fish you ever need!

I looked them over. As far as quality of product, I'd say that they look as though they'd be very effective. Unfortunately, priced at $10.00/each, they are not at all affordable. In fact, there's stuff out there probably "as effective" for about $5.00/each or a buck or so less.
bargain fishing gear always empties my wallet. i was at dicks and they hae a canoe mostly full of softbaits all for less than a dollar. i saw the commercial on tv so i bought the walking worms for 50 cents. i need to try them
And as he stumbled across the ad, he (1eyeReD) said: "OOOOOH SHINEY" and then like Smigel from Lord of the Rings, he follows up with, "preciousssssssssssss" and bought the damn lure.

I bought the KickTail

$35.95, if not, more for 3 including shipping and handling. The action of the lure is great, but I haven't yet seen any tallies added to the catch rate. My conclusion?

I don't even use this lure enough to know if it works or not! If I get out there and I start catching fish on something, I'll stick to using whatever it is that I'm using at the time. Unfortunately, I haven't even got past the roostertails, kastmasters and jigs. But yeah, I wont give up just yet. I'll use this lure on a 'big wiper' lake where big wipers are more numerous. Maybe somewhere like N Sterling, Bonny or Pueblo or something. Maybe Jackson too, but that one last dude probably took the last big wiper. Oh well, there should be some more in there. Just got to find the one with my name on it. Hopefully, for the KickTail's sake, a wiper with the KickTail's name too LOL!
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Don't feel bad 1eyeRed, that thing may just work. I remember feeling sorta like a sucker for buying th Banjo Minnow, but it just looked too darn sexy not to work. I got it and it SLAYED the bass and even SLAYED some lunker trout. Sometimes those lures aren't too good to be true.
kpetro said:
Don't feel bad 1eyeRed, that thing may just work.  I remember feeling sorta like a sucker for buying th Banjo Minnow, but it just looked too darn sexy not to work.  I got it and it SLAYED the bass and even SLAYED some lunker trout.  Sometimes those lures aren't too good to be true.
Woah damn, I remember having those too!!! That's gotta be one of my late night infomercial favorites! Dude, I caught some of my biggest bucketmouths using the Banjo Minnow! Too bad they don't make em no more... ?? They don't right?
I don't think they still make the authentic Banjos, but I did just buy these things called hitchhkers. They're the part that screws into the minnow. With those, I can pretty much use whatever soft plastic and hook I want. I haven't used them yet, but I'm looking forward to it.
let us know if you catch something with it. i would really like to know. that kicktail looks like it has awesome action.
I saw a commercial for the banjo minnow two days ago on the Outdoor Life channel, so they still sell them.
Jay_In_Parker said:
Eric...Who is that pic of?
which pic? the avatar? That is Kurt Cobain from Nirvana
ok thats what I thought.

Rocker blows his face off and becomes a legend
Heroin and a shotgun, a hero is made
Sorry man, Couldn't stop myself.

i think he would have still been a legend even if he was still alive
Yeah, Cobain did so much for music. I have like ten posters of him on my wall. My parents got a little worried at first, but I use my 12 guage for hunting, haha.
if it wasn't for nirvana, we would all still be listening to poison and winger.
Going back to talking about the Banjo Minnow, I actually still have some of the original minnows in my tackle box still...I probably got them back in middle school and I just finished my sophmore year of college. For those how have said that they have caught fish on the minnows what was your technique? I've never really used them just because I've never caught anything on them. I was reading that in murkey water they are no better then any other lure since they are based on sight. Almost any lake that I fish is very murkey, can't see more then a few feet so I can see a little as to why I haven't caught anything with them. But it sounds like you guys have had some luck with them but that might have been in some pretty clear water. It would be kind of nice to actually use them instead of them just sitting in my tackle box hahaha. If you have any good techniques let me know :)
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