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Got to head up to Vega recently, with my Fishing Partner/GF Samantha...We landed into some nice Rainbow Trout and Cutbow Trout, some with some nice size/weight to them! We got a late start to the day and started by late morning and fished until a snowstorm hit the lake in the evening!

Ice barely had any slush and was under about 2" of snow. Ice Thickness was a nice 10-12" in the area that I fished. Bite was pretty good until the evening storm came in, then they got really finicky! I've noticed that a little bit this season (again, just getting into ice fishing heavy this year) that when a storm hits, the bite gets finicky for me...anyone else experience this or is it just in my head?

Attached are some photos of the day, also a link to the video if you would rather check that out!!
Hope you enjoy the video! ;D
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