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night fishin chatfield 5/15

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sup fellas,

got to the lake around 10pm fished till 1:30am, i caught 4 walleye and buddy caught one. mine were 14-17" his was 13", all were caught on leeches from the bottom. he used dr. juice and i didn't, is it an attractent or repelent? who knows? i think i do so i never use it. anywho we where on the point passed the handicap peer and from what we could see there was only two boats and one other lantern lite up. Twas a fun night for me atleast, my buddy was a lil aggravated, but thats how it goes sometimes. we'll be there alot more this year, so there will be more post on chatfield from me.

until then, go catch some fish!
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Good report TokersFriendly ;D

I don't know what the Dr. Juice is, but if it's like spittin on the worm....maybe it works?
dr juice is a brand of supposable walleye attractent, that stuff you splat onto a lure/bait and luuuewbe it up. makes a mess and all it does is make your hands smelly. the only place we find it at is the sportsmens warehouse. waste of money i think, but they dig it. i jus keep my mouth shut and tell them no, when they ask if i used it after i caught a fish and they didn't hehe. ;D but then there are time when they're out fishing me and you find me thinking "well..maybe.." then splatting some on one of my lines, hehe.
I have to agree with Tokersfriendly,

I have tried many attractants. Gullible???

No, Blonde!!!!

Some seem to work as well as no attractant at all, while others seem to repel fish. At least in my experience. The best or worst example was bobbing (er jigging) for lakers. I tied up to my friends boat that was up current. They were using attractant (WD40 :D). In my boat we only bait on the bucktail jigs. While they fished up current they had a couple hits and caught one fish,. We were in the plume-o-WD ;D and had one or two hits and caught nothing. As soon as they left and the pollution ;D had a chance to clear out I caught 6 fish in short order. Although this doesn't qualify as scientific evidence, I feel it is my responsiblity to harrass the infinging friend to this day.

Wouldn't all of that crap wash off any way after being in the water for a little bit. I have tried a lot of them with no luck at all. I just went home with smelling of junk other than fish.....

I've heard of the WD theory too.. In my opinion, why would you want to spray a chemical on your bait or even have that stuff in the water?

I had a buddy who sprayed that stuff on his line because his coworker says it'll make it smoother...... Then he snapped his line on every other hookset... Then he blamed it on his line (Trilene XL 6 lb test).

No, no, no, no and no.. WD 40 is not for fishing.
I have to agree I'll even try to gas uo the night before so I don't tie my line with gas smelly hands. If I have to gas up I always wash up good before handling line. WD-40 petro-based and not for fishing, good to take hunting on cold days with an autoloader.
Went to Chatfield tonight from abut 530 till 830. Beautiful evening air temp in the low 70s to high 60s, a little wind but it passed. My son and I worked the dam and from the north boat ramp down to massey draw. Caught 3 undersized smallmouth. One on a shad rap and 2 on green and yellow rattling crank baits.

Water temp is warming up, was 62 when we arrived down to 60 when we left. Clarity was fair in the areas we worked, we could see our lures down 2 feet or so. Lots of rises near the shore in shallow water. Tossed to them and only had one hookup. Saw a group of 10-12 bass right new the shore, could not interest them in anything, don't know if they were chowing on minnows or what.

Great evening out, If the kid did not have school in the am we would have stayed all night!

Good post Dan. It sounds like the lake is starting to warm.
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