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Stearns is supposed to have some good cats in it. I've talked to one fisherman who's had them snap his line several times. Lots of mosquitos, like some Alfred Hitchcock movie. Decent Bass and supposidly some Tiger Muskie.

I've never seen anyone get anything good at McKay lake. It looks like it should be good, however. It's all flys and lures only, so catfishing is out.

There is nothing in Interlocken. There are a couple of ponds with fountains and stuff, but I don't think that you can fish them.

At 128th and Lowell is Tom Frost Res. It's fairly weedy but I've seen some nice bass there. Not sure about Catfish.

I thought that Josh's pond was being "renovated". You should double check that before going out there.

There are about 8+ lakes in this area that are listed in the Fishing Close to Home book. Including Standley Lake.
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