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Night time Walleyes

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So is it possible to catch walleyes from shore this time of year near inlets and such? there is a private lake im a member of near Superior that has a pretty good inlet... the water flows in at a pretty good rate and ive heard the fish stack up there when they spawn. i dont know, but i know there are walleyes in the lake-- but ive never tried for them yet. so is it too early to give it a try? i was thinking of heading out there at night and throwing Rapalas and tipped jigs. Im no walleye fisherman, so im not real educated on thier patterns..if any of you know or might have any ideas im all..well, ears...
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It is not too early so give it a try. In addition to that inlet I'd try any rip-rap areas along the dam or any rocky/gravelly points that receive wind+ wave action. Let us know how it goes. Ed
Rottal-If you catch a bunch of 10 lber's you have to invite everyone here on the board to fish this "private" lake ::) Ed
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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