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No fishing Pole THIS weekend

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It sucks I love fishing so much and want to go . It hurts so bad you know when it wants to make you cry when you see all the other people catching fish around you including your brother that wont even let you cast a couple and catch one but then gets happy for him self when he catches a nice 2 lbs. big mouth bass out of the ponds.... and your dad wont go back to my moms to pick it up for you... It sucks so MUCH!!! Anyone else feel my pain.
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They treat me like that, I'd get a new family. :( Ed
Just carry some fishing line and a hook in your wallet. Find a stick and some worms and you got a fishing pole. Hope you get to outfsih them soon!
roadkill said:
I feel for ya bud, atleast it sounds like your old man would take you if you had your pole. my old man took me fishing 3 times in my whole life. but it sucks he cant find a way to get you a pole. if you were near me id loan you one of my rods

Yeh hes really nice its just that he lives in Milliken and my mom lives in Longmont.
PS: dont forget your rod next time
Ed Marcol said:
They treat me like that, I'd get a new family. :(  Ed
I cant do thaqt i am a mothers and daddys boy......
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