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First summer bass fishing and I've been cruising around my local area (Thornton/ Westminster/ Broomfield/ Northglenn) fishing different ponds... Hit quite a few different spots so far. Everywhere I have been is listed below. Any other suggestions in the area would be greatly appreciated.

- McKay
- Webster
- St Vrain
- pond behind The Hideout on 112th
- Adams County Fairgrounds
- Croke
- pond off Woodglenn Dr on the east side of Colorado Blvd
- open space out east off 104th on the north side

Pretty happy with one spot so far... The rest would be nothing to write home about. My girlfriend and I enjoy a little friendly competition, practicing catch
and release while leaving no footprint. The amount of pressure on some of
these places is ridiculous and takes the fun out of it (trash, people crowding,
people ignoring rules) it's mind-blowing. Not being racist but I've surely
noticed a healthy population of Latinos and Asians who have no regard for
bag limits, size requirements or a respect for bait restrictions. It's frustrating to see parents instilling a carelessness for community and environment. I'm by no means a "Boulder Tree Hugger" living in a earthship... But a little common sense and respect would go a long way. As much as being hassled by "The Man" sucks it would almost be a breathe of fresh air having them enforce rules/regulations that should be implemented to sustain community fishing environments. The only time I've personally seen someone being asked for a fishing license is at Gross Reservoir (out of all places) and that was the extent of the interaction. Common sense and numbers tell me that you'd find more infractions at local fisheries, but what do I know. My hunt for the local gem continues.
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