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North Platte River, Wy Float trip

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Wanting to get a guided float trip for my dad and I and was wondering if anyone has done this before and if they recommend one guide over another??

Also would like any info on flies to use for late Sept to early Oct...(I do realize the guide that we choose will be of great help with this but would like others input as well). I am hoping streamers will be on the menu 8)

Are there sections you would suggest over other sections to float? (Again the guide we choose choice of where to float will be highly considered if not adhered to.)

Any other info you would like to give will be greatly appreciated!

I ask for these opinions to gain more info, along with the research I will be doing, to hopefully ensure us of a successful fishing and catching trip.

It will be a great time no matter what because I get to hang out with my pop's for a couple of days in the great outdoors. We have a couple of other rivers that we will hit closer to home for the rest of our excursion.

Thanks CF Gang,

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Thanks guys.


The Green may be a good alternative to the NP. Have not fished it in many yrs. Did a few floats with some ol friends and waded it several times chuckin metal. Good times fo sho!

Will put that name in my back pocket.


Will do. I hope I can convince dad to go, pushing that time of year he wants to stay indoors.


That is not what I wanted to hear. Don't mind it being weedy in the boat not in the river :(
Are the weeds enough of a problem late Sept/early Oct where you might suggest going somewhere else? Want to have as much of a hassle free trip since I will be putting out some cash.

We are not set on the Platte it was just an early thought of fishing somewhere we don't fish often, so we can make other plans....lots of other rivers.

Thanks for the input.
Thanks for the info guys.

Will start calling some shops and guides to get detailed info and their thoughts on it.

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