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North Platte

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Hello all---

Nice changes youve made to the website...i like it.

anyways, ill go ahead and be one of the first to post a question on here...anyone fished any of the sections of the North Platte recently? i was thinking on going up, either to the Reef or the Mile...its been awhile, and im itching to stretch a line....
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Hey John (rottal),

Those are some beautiful fish you've got there! I'm glad you found the new forum. I'm working on getting the fly board more active, it shouldn't take too long. Jinclear is the moderator and should be posting pretty soon, he is a former guide and works in the fly shop at Gander Mountain. He has a lot of knowledge to share with everyone.

JIN, where are you???
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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