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North Platte

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Hello all---

Nice changes youve made to the website...i like it.

anyways, ill go ahead and be one of the first to post a question on here...anyone fished any of the sections of the North Platte recently? i was thinking on going up, either to the Reef or the Mile...its been awhile, and im itching to stretch a line....
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those are a couple of nice fish well we will just say i am not a fly guy how ever I do spend alot of time on the rivers rippin lip i am a RAPALA type guy i hope you guys dont mind here in the middle of march i will be back on the water(its ice time now) rivers i really like to fish and know quite well are the upper and lower blue the eagle, colorado from granby to state bridge ,muddy creek that is just to mention a couple few when you fish almost 250 days a year you get to learn alot of differnt waters well i hope none of you guys mind if i post from time to time i just really love those rivers
i dont know if its a new stretch or not i came acrossed it while scouting mule deer and i always have my pole with me if your down to hike it its a big stretch of river to fish great browns largest only 24 inches 3-4lbs kinda skinny for the time of year but still a good fish and yea i do own a fly rod and know how to use it but not very often lol.
how you doing you aint said sh*t about some of them guides i personaly crimp my barbs and knock on wood havent killed a fish in a long time i love to fish rapalas in the fast water the faster the better rivers big or small it doesnt matter yea tom any time you feel like coming up to summit county just drop me a line
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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