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Went up the toll road today. Had about three inches of new snow. Caught 2 rainbows and 1 lake trout at North Cat. Had three other bites. Caught on small pink egg pattern. Tried Dardevels. Rapala's, and tube jigs---nothing. Then went over to South Cat. Got one good rainbow, but lost him, after I fell over twice, threw him on shore three times, ripped the crotch of my pants out, fell down twice in my hip boots and he hit me in the face. The two guys next to me were probably "thinking what circus is this clown from." Got a new inner tube for belly boat, will have to try soon.
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Those snow trout can be real brutes when they're disturbed! ;)
Haha, I swear last year everytime I went wading while I was fishing I fell in. I feel for you man, atleast the distraction of catching fish was still there. Good Job.
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