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1st time this year I picked a nice day for fishing. Powell was cold and windy, same up in Wyo twice, Jumbo, Prewitt, Atown all the same cold windy crap. 11-mile was too frozen when I tried there.

Got sick with Coffee Joe and said damn the T-storms we're going slaying. ;D Got to the lake @ 615 am and we each got 2 by 730am. The breeze died and so did the fishing. Caught nothing tillaround noon when we got a breeze and Joe instantly got one on a Cleo. Ended up with 6 each we each let a couple go including my nice browny.

Met up with Shoe and Willi they didnt catch any trout until the wind picked up either. Carp don't count Willi! :D

Shoe popped 3 nice fish in the afternoon. Great meeting you guys finally! Will be fun to work the shore with you guys.

We packed up at 330pm. Long day but worth every minute!

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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