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Met up with an old friend who recently retired and bought a boat.

Somehow I ended up with boat control duties, which was a pain seeing how there was a fairly stiff breeze.

I wanted this to be a money trip so we started out with and tried a variety of methods.

I caught the two biggest of the trip on metal, including a bonus Zebra which lives to swim another day, but metal and plastics couldn’t cut the action like other more sordid methods, so we ended up being worm sadists.

A single circle hook with a 6 pound Stren leader off a 1/2 oz bottom bouncer pulled around points in 6-8 ft of water picked up scattered fish easy as taking candy from a baby.

They liked em big and fat, a single hook thru the nose, doing a death spiral.

We limited by 10AM, selectively harvesting 18- 19 inches.

I got a pic of the Zebra and some typical fish. For some reason I didn’t get one of the fattie metal eye @23 inches , guess we were too busy fishing.

Somehow I got talked into fillet duties too ..

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