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The short ice season in the Metro area really has been a bummer for me, cus I really do love the hard water. So I packed up the 4 runner and hit one of my favorite lakes in Colorado. Parked @ 7:00, had my 1st fish by 7:30. Ice getting on the East side was Sketch, people were getting wet, But the lake conditions are the best I've seen in the past 6 years or so. Minimal snow on top, 12-14inches of ice, no wind, in fact, I never put on my coat the whole day. Fished 7:30-12:30 in 47 ft of water. Caught 18, biggest was 21in. Nonstop action the 1st 2 hours, most fish were suspended, or wouldn't hit till they chased it half way up.

Tube jig, Shad, and silver buck shot did all the damage.

Kept 2 19 inchers to try Bigassbassman's fish cake recipe

We ate one fillet before putting the rest in the fridge, got to say, was the best tasting laker I've ever had! Never seen pink Laker meat before, (seriously! but definitely hanging for a great joke :)

Storm and wind started to roll in, so I bolted. Couldn't believe there was already traffic on I-70 @ 1:45! Drove 4 hours + fished 5 hours = a great day! Not ready to put the auger away yet :thumb:
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