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With all the lakes closing to boats on 10/31 :(, I decided to take dad out for what might be one last Colorado outing for 2016.

Our original plan was to go to South Park. But with Spinney's level down, the south boat ramp not usable, the break water and dock reportedly removed at the north ramp, high winds forecasted, and the recent less than stellar reports, I decided that maybe a Plan B was in order.

So, we hooked the boat up, and left the house at 600 am. Got on the water about 930. We made the right decision, as it was a special day. Decent sized fish were hitting like mad. It became a contest to see who could cast out first, as soon as the lure hit the water, it was a strike and usually fish on. This continued all day until we got off the water at about 600 PM. I don't know how many fish we boated, but it was one of our best days ever.

I was able to spend a full day fishing with dad, in very good weather, with stellar fishing (and listening to a good Bronco game on the radio). What could be better?

Only a couple photos as we were too busy fishing, and I was in too much of a hurry racing the sun when cleaning the fish to get more.
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