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I know what you're thinking it will be a cool reason like to land a big fish or something like that right...? Well let me back up just a minute, this was from a couple weeks ago. Been ice fishing somewhat regularly this winter and would have prolly got on the ice on the day in question but I didn't have a lot of time and I figured a change up to open water was in order. The weather didn't feel to bad out... Packed up a couple rods and my daughter and I got out on the water. Well when we got where we were going the wind was ripping.. It was a perfect example of wind chill factor, as soon as a glove came off the skin was instantly blast chilled. Which was ok since I had already tired on the lures I planned to use...until I snagged and broke those off and had to tie on new ones...:tongue:.. So we landed a couple fish and soon my daughter said she was going to wait in the jeep due to the frigid wind. I couldn't blame her and since I was able to park right where we were fishing I was ok with that. I figured I'd only fish a couple more mins anyway. Soon after I landed another fish and after C&R it My lure tangled up anyway it resulted in my glove being off with fish slime and water on my hand for way to long.. My hands were freezing! Screw it I'm wrapping it up! I grabbed my tackle box and what should I see but my recently refilled tray of tube jigs fall out into the water....The wind and current carrying it away....and it was at a steep drop off point as well...ahhhhhhhhh if it sinks I knew it's gone forever as I had just lost a par of pliers in the same spot a while back and try as I might to get 'em back I wasn't able too...Ahhhhhhhhh I watched the tray floating....floating away... and just before it was out of reach I got it in the net! Wow the net was well worth bringing!!! Would've been cool if I could've used it to land a nice fish or something like that, but hey at least it saved me $50 of jigs.... Tight lines;D

One of the fish landed in the wind

An icy release

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