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OK where are the results from Spinney...

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I got stuck at work with some emergency Chatfield no Spinney...I feel like a chained up mutt in must of been good...everyone is getting back late...I have a cabin rented Friday and Saturday night up there...I plan on living on the lake for 2.5 days...I havent fished in two weeks...CripeZ!!...but Eyeguy...I bought some red walley divers today from Dick's Sports in PMS...I have to try them at Spinney for grins...during a slow time or late in the evening...
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Good luck this weekend Zman
I got stuck working today as well.
I went to that DOW open forum and they said there were reports from 13 fish to 0 fish and pike upto 40" caught, they said it was a good day.
Stuccoman...good luck to you up at Seminoe...I am going to try and get there and Glendo this year...there just are too darn many places to go...
I know the feeling, I am going to alaska in then again in august My construction co is over booked for work this year. My cusin is bugging me to come out and fish for king salmom in cali with him one weekend. I need to hit the lotto and retire to fishing fulltime.
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