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Old Dillon Golden Trout

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The only way to get my fishing time in lately is to do the quick hits around Silverthorne.
Today's session was to take a short hike and check out Old Dillon Reservoir. The reconstruction is more extensive than i thought, Both sand and rocky shores have been created and they built a nice pump tower and spill in inlet from the spring above. The lake was half open, water clarity was real low.
I know for a fact that they stocked a good number of 2 inch goldens in august 2013 and then the intention was to stock it with up to 5000 catchables in September of 2013, I'm not sure if they followed through with it. I tried worms and small bug larvae, woolybugers and even some egg patters. There was no indication of fish in the reservoir whats ever.
I'm not sure what they were expected to eat over the winter. The reservior was void of any aquatic life that could be seen with the naked eye.
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Cool, I talked to the bio last year and he said they netted some up to 14 centimeters.
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