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Lots of raw drivers for sale

Dynaudio D 54 AF.
This is a legendary dome midrange, no longer being manufactured. This is a collector's item widely considered among the best ever made, a cult classic among tree-worshiping audiophile druids. I am sorry I only have one. $200

Morel MDT-37.
I have one of these very high SPL horn loaded dome tweeters. Good stuff, but LOUD. Pro-audio loud. I used this as a HF element in several bass guitar cabs. $40

Morel MDT-33.
Factory matched pair dome tweeters. Yep, these are the ones you always read about. Yep, they really are that good. These will get you laid. $250 pair

Morel MW 166 mid-basses.
Outstanding power handling, smooth linear response, three inch voice coils in a six inch driver make them extremely pistonic and uncompressed. A very nice roll-off makes them good candidate for simple first order (or active) filter networks. I have four of these. Mate very nicely with the MDT-33's
$200 for all four

Dayton Titanic 1200 subs, pair.
Very good 12" home audio subwoofers which produce super deep accurate bass. These are legit hi-fi subs, not the one-note boom boxes your kid put in his hatchback. No longer being made, these are in very good condition. $180 pair

That rounds out the home audio stuff, here comes the pro audio.

Dayton Audio 12" pro sound drivers. This pair was never used, made by Celestion. big heavy duty mothers. $100 pair

Dayton Series II 12" New, unused. $40

Eden 10" bass guitar speaker I had a 4X10 Eden "David" that this came out of. Vintage 2002. This would be a great 110 box for home practice or small low-volume gigs. $40

Pyramid TW47 bullets, pair. If you like music at paint-peeling volumes, step right up. Giant, heavy, gnarly tweeters that can kill bees and wasps. New in box. $40 pair

Galaxy Audio "Hot Spot" mid Loud and clear sums it up. Proven vocal spot monitor. Slightly modified basket to facilitate surface mounting, no effect on performance. $15

Beyma 12KX 12" co-axial This is just a really nice sounding, almost hi-fi pro audio 12. Great for bass guitar or smaller PA FOH or monitors. Hell, I've built acoustic guitar cabs with these. $300

*TS parameters on all drivers are still available online.*
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