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I left after class on friday to head out east. About 30 minutes in I realize the truck won't go any faster than 85mph, no matter what wouldn't pass it. Pretty simultaneously I noticed the air conditioning was no longer working and was instead spraying out hot air :mad: At this point I'm pretty frustrated but got through the drive in the heat. I arrived a gas station and when I went to take the gas cap off it just literally broke in my hand!! I wasn't happy. A storm was coming in hot and I instead just got my money back and moved forward. 10 minutes later I was in the worst storm I have ever driven through in my life. Crazy lightning all around the car that would flash every 10 or so seconds, scary but cool. I witnessed 2 giant tree limbs snap and fall into the road right in front of me. The plan was to set up a tent but instead I went to my garage the boat is stored in and crashed there for the night on the boat. It was a long, loud night in a tin roof garage in a storm like that. The next day, about 3 hours into fishing I snapped one of my rods. I then put that reel onto a different rod so I could still have a quality combo for what I was doing. Fast forward to sunday, I got on the water at 430 am and at about 11 a wind storm came through, in the process of almost losing my anchor, and saving a rod from going of the boat, I managed to knock off my rod and reel combo I had to create the day prior :mad::mad::mad: Normally I would have dove in for the rod but the waves were to big and the wind was too strong my boat would have been into a wall in about 15 seconds had a I jumped...Spent several hours trying to snag it with no luck... Here's some fish I managed to catch when I wasn't destroying equipment

For a second I almost thought this one was my fishing rod ;)

Trolled up on this dude alive, smelling like death, very much alive though. All I had on me was a little pocket knife so the dispatch wasn't pretty :D Did the job though.

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