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Hey Everyone,

As some of you know, my GF and I are very amateur ice fisherman. We wanted to get into it seriously this year to one, further our knowledge, and two; to just become better overall Anglers. We've been learning A LOT through forums like these and help from other anglers! It's been great times out on the ice and all the recommendations we've tried have been awesome :) Today I wanted to share what we've been having the most success with this ice fishing season, NOT a Top 5 "Best of all time" type list.

I figure if amateurs like us are having really good success throwing/dropping down with this stuff, you all can too! I'm also interested to hear what I'm probably missing from this list. I'm a bit of a lure junky so I'm VERY INTERESTED to hear what people have been having the most success with as well, there is a good chance I'll buy it and try it out haha :)

Hope you guys enjoy the video and also if there are ways you think I can spice it up, let me know!:thumb:
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