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I like the small waters.
Fished Ouzel above and below the falls from 10 AM- 3PM.
Air temp was in the upper 50's to low 60's.
Fished size 18 scuds, hairs ears and pheasant tails under a size 16 parachute adams or just fished the nymphs (7.5 foot 5x Leader 12 in of 6x tippet, nymphs were 18 in behind the adams). All flies were barbless
The day went like this...dump (sometimes something resembling a cast) the flies upstream into the foam from an outlet mend back. Remove the occasionaly fish, repeat.
I caught 12 cuts and 3 brookies from 4" to 12". Two brookies were dinner with some grilled potatoes and asparagus. All cuts were released, some before I even landed them.
I didn't catch anything above the falls, it was extremely cold and windy up there but the view is priceless.
I'm going to Bear Creek in about 30 minutes, I'll be wearing either a desert camo Camelback or a red backpack.
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