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hit the water about 7:30 and my friend started catching 14 SMB and one eye then we started to hunt for some eyes and nothing till around noon then we found some fish in a well known hole. i put on a jiggin rap to test the waters and after 3 or 4 jigs n i caught an 18 eye so we spot locked there and the front of the boat held tight but the back of the boat swung in a 34 foot circle and the front of the boat caught 14 eyes no keepers to my one fish all day, but i will have walleye for dinner tomorrow. the water was mid to high 50s and calm all day till we came off at 2:30.

my new boat is here but it wont be on the water till i get my truck fixed and all my paperwork is done and my ff is installed and the tm is on it so in a week or so you might see a black Lowe on my honey holes but not in the heat of the day
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