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I hit a spot that I don't hit very often this morning. I was shooing for a bass or eye but I got a pretty little bow.
(Looks like a cutbow?) Anyway, it hit on the drop. I know I sound like a broken record but the majority of the fish I catch on these lures hit it before it even gets a chance to hit bottom. I cast it out and waited for my line to stop going out once bottom was hit but the line never stopped....I have caught a ton of walleye at a particular spot that I fish A TON. I have decided that my chances of getting a pig are better elsewhere so I'm gonna spend some time at a relatively new spot instead. It's time for a pig eye....I caught this fish at like 8am. There were some dudes grilling breakfast on the beach and the bow was bleeding so I offered it to them and they were super stoked. All the people I walked past(maybe five or six) asked me what I was using and stuff so I don't think anyone else around caught anything. I definitely didn't see anyone land any....

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