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walleye970 said:
And just think a few years back Larimer County was looking at potentially letting the State buy/take over their parks because they were loosing money, too bad that did'nt happen.  They slapped up a couple of new outhouse's and threw down some gravel and mulch in a spot here and there and up went the rates and they havent looked back.  Here's a little story for ya:  The CWA is having a tourney at Horsetooth in August and as such they submit all of the needed documentation and such and Larimer comes back with a proposal to allow for the tourney with an additional cost of $5,000.00 from the club and this was hackled down to $3,000.00 just to allow for the tourney, plus the entrance fee is higher to cover the cost of the higher daily entrance fees.........Kinda screwed up I say.  I think its messed up paying them $3,000.00 just to have the darn thing and its not really any issues with liability or anything of that nature, just because they can.  If you think their Parks depatment is messed up, their Assessors office is really messed up!  Collie
If this is true, I can't understand why the CWA would even consider holding a tournament there. A waste of
entry fee moneys when they can hold it at other lakes in CO, NE or WY for a nominal permit fee.
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