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appreciate your comments to the DOWInfo website regarding the parking blocks at the North Shore Boat Ramp at Eleven Mile State Park. As you know, parking is very limited at Eleven Mile, and we do not have accessible room for expansion, and are doing what we can to ensure we maximize the available space. Prior to the repaving project, boaters parked willy nilly, causing us to lose lots of parking spaces as adjacent vehicles and trailers were parked at different angles. Although most other parks to not use them due to adequate space, we striped our stalls 80 feet long with a line dividing them in two and required our boat inspectors to ask folks to pull forward to the end of the stalls when they were first to arrive. Many boaters refused to do so and parked squarely in the middle, preventing additional vehicles from pulling in. In other instances, boats and trailers pulled forward, and then a car pulled in behind, while an unrelated car then pulled behind them, effectively trapping the middle vehicle between the trailer and the last vehicle.

We originally talked about marking the parking lot "one way" to control traffic flow, but could not get the necessary angles for the boats to effectively pull in or back out without turning against the angle. There is no simple solution. I understand your comment about people having difficulty backing out, but that is also true if there is a vehicle and trailer in front of them that is still parked when they wish to leave. I do not have the space to set up single 40 foot parking stalls without losing nearly half the parking spaces, and would create a heck of a lot more problems by eliminating those.

Last week, we had the parking blocks pulled, but will continue to monitor parking behavior. If people do not utilize the spaces correctly, we may bring them back and would have to permanently pin them down. Hopefully you can help share the message with fellow boaters so they maximize the space and minimize the possibility of accidents. Part of this also involves reserving the short spaces close to the shoreline for vehicles without trailers so we do not lose half a spot forcing vehicles without trailers to park behind vehicle/trailer units in the longer stalls.

I am happy to discuss this further with you if you wish and can be reached at the phone number listed below.

Thank you for sharing your comments.
Kevin Tobey
Park Manager
Eleven Mile & Spinney Mountain State Parks

P 719.748.3401 | F 719.748.3863
4229 County Road 92, Lake George, CO 80827
[email protected] |
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