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Hope everyone had a good holiday weekend, mine was truly memorable. With the raging flows ruining my plans for the next 6 weeks or so I have been focusing my tying/fishing on warm water species. Thanks to some tips and insight from this forum I have had some good days on the water while targeting bass and crappie.

I was on my second outing for the day this past Saturday and was catching either white bass or crappie on pretty much every other cast. I had tied up some simiseal leeches and those seemed to be the ticket coupled with a steady and fast strip retrieve with casts towards the bank. On one of these casts I felt a hit not unlike any of the others from the bass and crappie, though what followed was most certainly unlike anything I had ever encountered on a fly rod. A powerful tail churned the calm surface and my line began to peel off my reel at an alarming rate. At this point I had assumed that I had finally hooked into one of the many elusive grass carp that had repeatedly turned up their nose at my presentations. Man was I wrong, after a 30 minute fight, numerous runs well into my backing and three attempts to land her (I was alone, my net was not suited for the job and I was fishing a drop off that did not make it easy). I was able to finally get my hands on my PB fish ever let alone on a fly rod with a home tied fly, not to mention I had never had a fish run all the way into my backing.

Caught on a 5wt with 12lb 2X and released quickly after a couple quick gopro pictures.

Earlier that day on my first outing, a gentleman stopped and casually asked what I was fishing for. After a couple minutes of small talk he mentioned that not only was he a fly fisherman as well, but a fly fishing author. Turns out Mr. Boyd has specialized in salt water fishing for most of his life and he was kind enough to show me some of his photos and the stories behind them in his upcoming book. Unfortunately I was not able to convince him into joining me on the water but I am thankful for the opportunity to talk to a fly fishing veteran and someone who has made a living by writing about his passion- truly a dream job.

Thanks for reading.


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