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PellA 4/12

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Fished from 2pm till dark. We caught a bunch of bluegills once again, on fly and bubble, including the largest i ever caught probably around 10-12inches and just as fat, fought real hard too. Caught a decent perch with a jig, then later on caught 4 nice largemouths 14-18in, action seemed to stop as the night prolonged, fun stuff though, nice to get into some bass for a change, saw a bunch in the shallows including a lunker, whenever i tried to sight fish I was unsucessful. Saw some guys in belly boats who seemed to be doing pretty good also. Tried a topwater with no takers. Fun day, and only got rained on a little.
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Sounds like you had fun. Way to go!
actually i fished on 5/12, the sun might have got to me a lil
What were you catching the bass on? Thanx.
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