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Pella 5/6

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Went to Pella again today, fished from 530 till dark. Me and the gf caught 20 bluegill, of which prob about 5-10 which were keeper size 6in+ also caught a few nicer perch, but no bass. Didn't see any cruising the shallows either. Regardless the bluegill where fat and fun to catch. I'll be back next week.
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where is Pella?
In longmont off of Hygiene, not sure exactly, but maybe check some of the other pella posts.
I caught the bluegills on flies behind a bubble, hope that helps.
Ive never fished that way before. What type of fly and how long is the fly form the bubble?
You rig it so there is a swivel after the bubble and then it's whatever length you prefer, i usually do it about 4-5 ft so that the when you real you get some action on the fly, and then i just use about the smallest flies i can find, sz 18 or 20 i think, mosquitos or anyother pattern like bugs flying around pella
I always feel a little silly just catching those tiny little bluegill, but the fun of being able to pull in twenty or thirty in a short time makes up for it . . .  I have found that a #12 little white fuzzy fly of any sort gets their attention fast.  This time of year, I don't even retrieve it except to straighten out the line.  Let it sink, they grab it.  Fun.
Update: went out today with granddaughter; she had a ball. We caught ten or so bluegill apiece, three very fine perch (about 10"), and one lonely little just-past-fingerling bass. Great fun.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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