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I picked up the spinning rod and hit Pella this morning, hoping to catch a big perch. I hit the back ponds armed with 6lb test and a box of small jigs, along with various other small-fish type tackle. Lots of bluegills sitting on sandy areas ready to spawn---also lots of bass too, either hanging out near the bluegills hoping for a chance at dinner or hugging the shoreline. I fished for awhile and managed to catch some small perch on jigs--nothing big, perhaps the largest being 8 inches or so. i talked to an older gentleman bass fishing for awhile, and then proceeded to watch him catch two jumbo sized perch on a 5 inch tube jig. i switched to a larger paddle jig in chartruese and then caught a few more perch, but none as big as the ones he hooked up with. After getting tired of that i walked down the shore looking at fish. Saw a big channel cat slowly cruise by in about 4 feet of water, i cast at him in hopes of hooking him but a small bass hit my lure before the catfish could notice. i then headed across the road and walked the shoreline looking at the largemouths sitting on beds. some let you get right next to them, they were so intent on guarding nests that they didnt want to move. I saw a larger perch doing something weird---it would swim along and stop every few feet and go head first into the weeds, then come back up, chomping on something it picked up that i couldnt see---fun to watch, it did this all the way down the shoreline. i like watching the bass do thier thing, especially with a whole school of bluegills trying to invade thier nest--they get aggressive. i regretted not bringing my camera, perhaps next week ill go out there and take some photos with a polarized lens. im not much of a bass fisherman, but i like seeing the big ones in the water like that.

walking the shore farther i got to an area of more rocks and saw a few smallmouths...nothing big, but i havnt seen too many there before so that was a cool thing to see. they looked darker and almost crappie shaped compared to the largemouths. i saw a larger one cruising down the shore and hap hazardly threw my paddle jig at him...he came over to look at it just as i managed to hook a rock. As i gave him up for lost he nailed the jig while it was stuck to the rock---and i hooked him. talk about lucky. thats my first colorado smallmouth, it was about 2 or 3 lbs...made my trip, but i was angry at myself once again for not bringing the camera....

well thats it. theres lots of fish in clear water, so bring your polarized glasses. if you choose to fish for bass on thier beds (i dont really like to do it, but its your business and legal), just try get them back in the water as quick as you can and close to where you found they go back....
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