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Went to Pella today, fished from about 5-8pm. I was throwing a a white jig , no takers, but saw many bass cruising the shallows. In the meantime my girlfriend caught about 20 bluegills, the biggest of which was probably 6-7in. Finally I caught a lil largemoth on a tan repala. I need to figure out what the largemouths want, because the lake looks like its full of them.
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Yeah, artificial flies and lures only. I'm sure scented plastic worms and what not is no problem, but if you're using something that is alive or alive at one point, then it's against the law. Those people using live bait probably didn't know what they were doing.
Oh yeah and one more thing. Some people I know think that the definition: artificial flies and lures only includes power bait. Power bait or things such as stink bait. may be an artifial bait, but it's still not a fly or a lure. At least that's what I think.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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