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Went to Pella today, fished from about 5-8pm. I was throwing a a white jig , no takers, but saw many bass cruising the shallows. In the meantime my girlfriend caught about 20 bluegills, the biggest of which was probably 6-7in. Finally I caught a lil largemoth on a tan repala. I need to figure out what the largemouths want, because the lake looks like its full of them.
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I was there yesturday a little after 5. Had just over an hour to fish before my hockey game. Fished corner of pond from the parking lot closest to road. Saw a lot of Bass, but they ignored crankbaits. Went across to the 1st pond across the street. Fished fly and bobble style. Caught 2 Bream, and 2 Perch (all small). Still Fun though.
I have a question. I saw 5 people fishing, an older guy and his grandson(?), and 3 guys (probably high school age). Anyway, they were all fishing w/ bobbers. Not reeling or jigging. What would you use at an artificiall fly and lure fishery, that you would just let set out there under a bobber? I have an extra rod stamp, so if there is something I can do to up my catch rate I want to try it. I have some hair jigs & fuzzy grubs, but it (the pond) was glass like, so I didn't think they'd work w/o any motion.  ???  One more thing. Senkos and anything Yum is scented and/or salted, so wouldn't be allowed right? I'm just curious. I love Pella even though I haven't caught anything big there. I looked in the 2005 fishing guide and they had a ton of regulations for artificiall baits. I'd really like to use 2 rods there, so I'd appreciate any help. EPIC if you're reading this, I could really use some info.
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Dan --- Kalamazoo Michigan, but my Grandpa was from Alabama, and he was old-school.   1eyered --- You may be right (not that I doubted  :)). I looked in the regulation book again. Although it does say, entirely made up of (a bunch of materials), and no scent or taste. In the same paragraph, it sais anything less than 1 inch and a half. So maybe Sekos and Yum tubes etc... are OK ? ??? It specificaly states nothing like power-bait or salmon eggs, so I would assume no Gulp no matter how long ?
  I don't think those people (at Pella) were using live bait. I mean they could've, but they all seemed nice enough. A couple of days ago, my buddy caught a bream/bluegill at Big T. Ponds of a creme wormunder a bobber, but there were enough ripples to give it some action. These people (P-xing) were fishing while it was dead calm. I just figured they knew something I didn't (as hard as that is to believe  ;D).
Anyway, I'm sure I'll be fishing there alot, and probably run into a ranger. I'll find out from him. P-xing and Wardon/Sawhill are the only terminal bait places I fish, and thats only on Wed.s. So it would be nice if I can use Senkos, Tiki worms, and Yum (stuff I already have), but I don't want to break any rules.
I"m probably making too big of a deal out of this (just bored and too tired to fish). It would be nice if I could understand the reg book though.
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