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Ran into A LOT of perch this last Sunday at Harvey Gap! Wish that place was full of jumbos but the school we hit was mostly all 6.5-9"! Which I've learned this ice season is really good for that lake. Was happy to hit a big school of them on my first hole drilled and also was ecstatic that they didn't leave for the entire time we were there! Got a fun catch and cook on the ice episode done as well as some nice drone shots of the lake and the area.

Ice thickness was a nice 16" and was cracking and melting all day haha.
We measured my hole when we left for the day and it was only 13.75" at that point. It was a really warm day...Waterfall area was looking pretty sketch. IDK how much more ice fishing will be available over here at lower elevations after this weekend.

Hope you all enjoy the video!
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