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Perch Play at Pella 5/12

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Hey -- if you have a kid you'd like to really sell on fishing, specifically bubble-and-fly, go to Webster Pond at Pella. (You need the bubble because they're mostly 15-20 yards out). Tie on any light color fly, about #18, throw on out there, retrieve v*e*r*y slowly, and I guarantee the kid will catch more little perch than you can shake a stick at, and will be forever hooked (as it were). I was there today for a couple of hours; lost count at about 35 or so. Did bring in three decent-sized fish, but the vast majority are 3 to 5 inches. Best place is just by the covered table near the parking. I know it's silly for an old man like me to get a kick out of playing with itsy perch, but where else can you guarantee a strike with every cast?
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Silly? no way....glad you got into some fish!
Heck yea I'd get a kick out of catching alot of fish to. No matter what size they were. Plus perch are one of the prettier fish.
where else can you guarantee a strike with every cast?
a trout farm maybe? hehehe jk
and this place called cedar bayou in the gulf of mexico down around rockport texas, toss a shrimp out there boom boom boom redfish trout croaker crabs drum you name it

but anyway i do the same thing with the little gills at the chatfield ponds, gotta love catching lots of fish no matter how big
if im going north on 25 do i exit the lyons exit to get there?
go to this posting and there are directions:
Salt water fishing is another whole thing; I agree, you can always count on the ocean to produce. Easiest way I know to get to Pella is go to Longmont and find 17th street, take it West all the way; it runs into the little town of Hygiene; turn south at the grocery store (where the road formerly known as 17th dead ends), and the ponds are about a mile on the left.
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