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Perks of volunteering

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Helped with the walleye spawning operation at creek today. They had a company come in to test fish for selenium levels and a miscommunication led to a decent amount of shad being kept, suckers too. I took all the suckers and some shad and cut them up for bait today and froze it. I have never used sucker for catfish but I don't see me using it all. I have a couple ziplocs with a few sucker filets in them that somebody is welcome too if they come get it. I know you lakers guys use it.

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Sure! I think the cats would hit it bur who knows in Colorado! I have some frozen Anchovies from San Diego. Gonna try them too. Had slimers nibbling on anchovies a few weeks ago at Barr

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thats some south thornton smelling trim you got there
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