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Picked up a new(to me) personal pontoon.

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Fish Cat 8:

Picked it up off craigslist from a guy over in Parker... Said he only used it like 1 time.. And based on the condition I would have to say he was telling the truth!!

So far it is just a stock set-up with the added wheels for transport(Wheels have been reinforced)
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I have an Outcast 9 Lite. “Lite” just means it has an aluminum frame. It is not made any more, but is similar to yours. Here are some suggestions…

· Get a 5 pound fluke style anchor. Kicking against the wind for 8 hours is not fun. Using your fins to stop weathervaning off the anchor is much easier.

· I use a portable transducer mount from Cabela’s. The clamp switches from vertical to horizontal clamping. I clamp it to the rear deck, but I am not sure your 8 footer has one. The portable mount has several grooves for mounting the stock transducer mount that comes with your X5. Just remember to reach back and unclamp it before you back into shore. If you forget, it is no big deal. The transducer will pivot and get a few scratches in it before you realize why you are stuck.;Search-All+Products

· Get a net and attach it to your pontoon with a magnetic net holder like the fly fishermen use. Your net will float off in the commotion someday or fall of when rowing and you will not notice it disappeared. I attach mine to the split-ring that keeps the oar lock in. I use an telescoping MeasureNet. A net with a long handle gets in the way too much and falls over easier.;Search-All+Products

· I am not sure where I got them, but I have these oar holders that Velcro around the frame. I do not use them to hold the oars, but I use it to hold the net. With the handle attached to the magnet, which is attached to the oar lock, I put the oar keeper as far back as possible and put the net end of the net in it. Both ends are secured to the side of the pontoon and out of the way until I need it.

· I bought a stern light and clamp it to my trolling motor mount. There is enough room I can fit the trolling motor and light on the mount, but it is tight. Get an LED light if you plan on being out all night or multi-day trips. Legally, I think you need a masthead (red/green) light when “underway”. But since you are rowing, I feel most folks will let you fall into the “at anchor” rule that just needs the stern light. Just do not go out into the middle of Chatfield on a busy Saturday night.

· It looks like the Outcast 8 has a lot of rocker on the bottom of the pontoons. Mine does and it make it turn on a dime. That is great if you are navigating around obstacles in a river. It is a pain if you are going long distances on a lake. Lots of zigzagging if you do not stay focused on your rowing. Not much you can do except practice and stay focused. Or get a trolling motor.

· A trolling motor is a great add-on for larger lakes. If you add one to your 8 footer, you probably need to keep the battery weight down. I have a 40 pound thrust with a size 24 AGM battery. The two combined add 80 pounds to the back of the pontoon. I had to move my seat as far forward as it will go and inflate my pontoons to be more rigid.

· I have been in 2.5 foot whitecaps and felt safe, even with the trolling motor and battery. Without a trolling motor, you may not be able to go against strong winds. The pontoon will take waves better from the sides than from the front/back. If you get into trouble, row sideways across the wind until you get to shore, not straight into the wind.

· Add another vote for breathable waders. Just add layers for the air temperature. For cold water temperature, you need multiple socks because you want your feet are in the water all the time. I bought an extra pair of wading boots that are a size or two too large. I can get two super thick socks and a liner sock in them comfortably and still have room for a toe warmer pack.

· I use Cabela’s lightweight wading boots. You are kicking them all the time and I do not want to kick the weight of the boot any more than necessary.;cat103896180

· For lakes, I always wear an inflatable PFD. On a river, I have a fishing style Type 3 PDF.

That is all I can think of that other folks have not already answered. You will be amazed at how good of a fishing platform that little pontoon will be.
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