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Picked up a new(to me) personal pontoon.

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Fish Cat 8:

Picked it up off craigslist from a guy over in Parker... Said he only used it like 1 time.. And based on the condition I would have to say he was telling the truth!!

So far it is just a stock set-up with the added wheels for transport(Wheels have been reinforced)
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I don't like waders, unless it's a must for colder temps. Always have your fins at least near. It's much easier to fish when you're not having to row. Rod holders are almost a must. I will also tell you that ya need to get that thing down a river. Maybe the Colorado through Pumphouse or Radium. It's so much more fun going down a river rather than putzing around a lake. But that's just my opinion! That bout will handle a fun class III river no problem. And to be honest it could go through a class IV if need be. Not suggested unless you're fairly experienced however! Also, always wear your life vest. Especially if you have waders on!
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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