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Picked up a new(to me) personal pontoon.

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Fish Cat 8:

Picked it up off craigslist from a guy over in Parker... Said he only used it like 1 time.. And based on the condition I would have to say he was telling the truth!!

So far it is just a stock set-up with the added wheels for transport(Wheels have been reinforced)
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Here is my Tieton III bass machine!

Minnkota 35 lb thrust motor... Full size deep cycle battery placed inside cooler, Mounted car sterio car speakers, Trolling motor plug to power trolling motor and charging battery without touching it. Sirous radio tuned to blue collar comedy (get er done!)
My Eagle Fishmark 320 which is really handy with the on screen voltage meter. Enough power to putt around the lake for like 5 hrs depending on how much motoring you do!
Really a fun cost effective rig!


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