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pics i just got back "river 7/17"

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well here are some more pics i just got back

this first one is the river for the people that were asking there is plenty of room to fish and camp

this is my son fabian and the big one of the day

this is a pic of all four that we caught that day
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Nice cats! I'm heading to Union tonight hoping to catch me some.
good luck

take some pics if you catch any
Nice Cats! Now just what river is that?

arkansas river
Thank You!

your welcome

here to help
hey fishinkats when you say you use perch is it yellow perch . or some other type of sunfish ...i finally found a good perch lake
any cut bait will work i just like perch more and i think the ones i catch are bluegill or pumpkinseed
no i fish the east side of j-martin
Nice pics man.good job.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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