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i was wondering if anyone was interested in posting a pic of their favorite ice jig, rig or lure and doing a bit of explaining......

- so post pic of your #1 favorite
- where do you buy it or make it
- how do you rig it and fish it
- fish it for what
- why is it your favorite

this thread might then help a lot of folks identify ice fishing baits, etc.  as i have learned, one person's name for something might be totally different than another's but it is the same thing......

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my favorite ice jig is a combo of the kastmaster and lazer jig. 

buy kastys almost anywhere, but wal-mart seems to always have a size and color variety.  the lazer jigs seem to be custom made and bought at high country sports or up in granby or at jax in ft collins - hard to come by!

i remove the hook from a kasty.  tie my main line (from ice rod/reel) to the top O ring of the kasty.  then tie a 12" - 18" fluorocarbon leader section off the bottom O ring of the kasty.  then at the end of leader, i tie a lazer jig.  the kasty provides a nice weight to get the rig down quickly and allows good jigging action and flash, plus when dead sticking, the kasty keeps the line tight so i can detect even the slightest bite.  i like to tip the lazer jig with a waxie, crawler piece, egg, or whatever.  even a live minnow where legal.

it is an all purpose rig - for trout, walleye, perch, crappie. 

it is my #1 go to rig on one of my ice poles because it flat out produces.  other jigs and rigs at times work well, but this combo is bread n' butter!

<img src="" alt="Image hosted by">

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The only place I have seen custom lazer jigs is at 11-mile marina and the army surplus store on the corner of Pecos and El Paso.

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Interesting technique, tekneek. (Pun not intended ::) ).

Do you ever tie both lines to just one end of the kasty instead of each end? I'm thinking it would give it more action... or does that spook them too much?

Heck, why mess with success anyway? I'm definitely going to give that set-up you described a try this season.

We did okay last season with just basic stuff... small jigs tipped with crawlers. A couple of weeks before ice-off, we switched to just crawlers and did real well!



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i think tying both ends to only one O ring (the top) would really cause a fluttering wobbling tangle, but it if were tried, i think i would leave the trebble hook on the other O ring (the bottom) instead of removing it.  that way the action might entice a strike and hook set.
otherwise, i use it for in-line flash and weight.  it is sort of like those in-line flasher/dodgers setups used when trolling for trout, salmon, steelhead.  back in the great lakes we'd use them all the time.
i have though added a tear drop jig in-line above the lazer jig (tied right on the drop leader) and tipped it with a waxie.  this gives me two jigs with hooks.  but trust me, this system works nice - especially for a fast drop in deep water...the bigger the kasty the faster it goes down.  at 11-mile the pike seemed real interested in it.
let me know how you do with it - but give it a chance.  good luck.
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