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Hey gang,

We made it up, but didn't get a chance to hook up with the crew. We talked to Larry at the Marina Store as he opened and he said that he fished Rocky Flats last weekend and did very well off the pressure-ridge. He said the best action was happening, on either side of the ridgeline out on the lake.

So this is where we decided to start. We met Tom out there who related he was a board member, so there may have been others who made it out, but didn't fish with the group.

Long story short, we punched holes from the pressure line throughout the morning, working our way towards the shoreline without so much as a bite. I looked down towards Stoll and could see the group. It appeared as though a small city descended on the ice, it was a pretty neat site.

I had one partner (Steve) who had never ice fished in Colorado, so I really wanted to put him on fish. A decision was made to head to Taryall, so off we went.

Once there the bite started, Steve (fist time out) ruled and caught almost all of the fish during the few short hours there. He iced a bunch of bows, and his biggest fish was a 17" brown. Terry landed a splake (I think, white tipped anal and dorsal fin?).

It was an interestingly cool day of fishing, 17 degrees below zero for the a.m., and 14 degrees above, in the afternoon. My partner Terry popped the lid off a bottled Miller, and we watched as the beer literally froze, from top to bottom within 90 seconds. I'd never seen anything like that in my life. Sorry I missed you folks; see you at Granby.
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