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This is hearsay, not too many fish came through the ice,,, I didn't see many myself, and our leaders were fishless, I also met Jason (from the springs) who had a limit.

I just had to clarify, cause it sounds like I did OK compared to most. It was Justin (from the Springs) that you met. I met so many folks it's hard to remember who's who for me too. It was a fun morning, and it was cool to see that many people out there that I sorta knew. I made my rounds and met several of you. Beerman, thanks for the suggestion, as soon as I cracked open a cold one the fish started biting! I ended up with 2 at 15.9"; 1 at 17"; and 1 at 19". I lost one at the hole that was very nice and missed about as many as I hooked. Most of them came on a olive green lazer. I don't have any pics cause I forgot my camera, then when i got home I was gonna take one but my dig camera took a crap! guess I know what to ask for for Christmas. How did everyone else do? I'll keep an eye out on the fishing reort forum for more reports.
see ya
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